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When Love Is Not Enough  Chronicles of LauraJowritten by Pat Engebrecht published 2012 by Pat's Publishing/createspace/amazon. It received the Pinnacle Achievement award.

This memoir was created from a collection of journal entries written by her daughter, LauraJo, chronicling her journey (1978–1987) describing her symptoms, treatment and hospitalization for the mental disorder,Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

Warning: Do NOT read this book if you believe in a loving, benevolent God or that love conquers all.

Do read this book if you are a parent who has lost a loved one and believe it is your fault.

Do read this book if you are a nurse or care taker  who feels they did not do enough!

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Pat's Publishing

Under the Haystack Published in 1973 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. in hardback and paperback by Dell in 1975.  It was reviewed in the New York Times and nominated for the Newbery Award.

"A gritty, brave and never-bitter portrait of a young woman's strength in abandonment tempered by a gentle, humane attitude toward her negligent mother."...Kirkus Review...

"...the author seems to be saying after the lines are drawn and the handicap imposed, the American young will go right on defending their legendary track record for toughness, resilience, and decency."...The New York Times

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The Promise of Moonstone  published by Beaufort ​Books, Inc. in 1983.  This is the story of a mother and daughter's stormy, love/hate relationship centering on their love of ballet–each approaching the dance through their own creative imagination.​

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Available @  www.createspace.com/3850856

Kindle:  www.amazon.com/dp/B0099B30I0

This is the story of a young woman's journey through the corridors of a mental illness during the 70's and 80's when BPD was not recognized by the established medical profession.  LauraJo meant to share her experiences in hopes of helping others, and to thank those who loved and supported her.  This is the book she intended to write.

As her mother, who shared her journey, Pat hopes to deliver her daughter's message in all its humanity:  love, hate, fear and joy assuring fellow sufferers, "You are not alone," and to families and friends caught in this nightmare, to know they are not to blame. LauraJo believed that everyone is doing the best they can.

*Kirkus Indie Reviews   October 2012
When Love Is Not Enough  Chronicles of LauraJo

Engebrecht's raw account of the invisible ailment that claimed her daughter's life.

"Tragic" hardly begins to describe the heartbreak of LauraJo's struggle with Borderline Personality Ddisorder, which her mother documents with the help of LauraJo's journal entries, poetry and sketches.  On the surface, LauraJo appears so typical that fellow patients in a mental institution wonder why she's there.  Yet her articulate journal entries are filled with despair and feelings she can't quite control, sometimes lurking just beneath her observations.  "No one could ask or be more thankful for such a glorious day."  LuraJo writes after one outing.  "Then darkness fell, the sun was gone and anxiety, doubts and thoughts of suicide returned.  I truly believed earlier in the day that I had it licked."  Self-harm becomes an integral part of her life, as other journal entries mention several failed suicide attempts and the quest for something to make rat poison taste good.  Decades after her daughter's death, Engebrecht's commentary is the voice of a mother who's accepted that she'll never have answers for some questions:  "Why didn't I see evidence of your self-abuse earlier?" she wonders.  Whether she's writing about a flash flood that destroyed the family home in mere minutes or LauraJo's success as a tennis player and her struggles with her sexuality, Engebrecht lays bare the bones of her own life and her daughter's.  Rare technical slips, like the use of "flower" instead of "flour," are irrelevant in the face of such honesty.

​Reveals an extraordinarily talented individual who waged an epic struggle and, in her own way, won––for a time.

Writer History

Pat has a been writing for over thirty-five years.  

She was inspired when her writing professor read her first essay, shook his head and queried,

"Do you do anything else?"  The challenge was met!


When Love is Not Enough is a compilation of songs composed and sung by LauraJo during her struggles with the mental illness Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

These songs tell of her struggle to understand her pain, her fears, but mostly they are love songs to those who loved her along the way.

Available @   www.createspace.com/2024149